Foodbuy Solution

  VIDEO DETAILS: Client: Foodbuy Solution Style: WhiteBoard Length: 2 minute

FBA Wizard

  VIDEO DETAILS: Client: FBA Wizard Style: Whiteboard Length: 3 minutes 20 seconds Language: English

Little Things

  VIDEO DETAILS: Client: Little Things Style: WhiteBoard Length: 50 seconds Language: English

IT Bauhaus

  Style: Whiteboard Explainer Video Length: 1 Minute 30 seconds Language: German Client: IT Bauhaus Script Das ist Herr Kurz. Herr Kurz ist Inhaber eines mittelständischen Unternehmens. Ohne IT läuft in seiner Firma schon lange nichts mehr. Ausfälle kosten daher nicht nur Zeit, sondern auch bares Geld. Ständig neue Anforderungen an die IT und Angriffe von außen stellen eine […]


  Style: Whiteboard Explainer Video Length: 54 seconds Language: English Client: Script Do you ever feel lost in conversation? Is hearing loss affecting your social life? Don’t wait any longer, sign up for a free 7-day hearing aid trial at! Salesperson voice: hello, this is christine from, congratulations on taking the first step towards better hearing Salesperson […]


  Style: Whiteboard Explainer Video Length: 1 Minute 17 seconds Language: English Client: Einstine Hr Script If you’re spending too much of your company’s time and treasure trying to cover all of your H.R. bases, we’re glad you found us – because we can help! Before finding us our clients were wasting their time and money on non-revenue […]


  VIDEO DETAILS: Client: Libra Style: Whiteboard Explainer Video Length: 1 Minute 22 seconds Language: English

Kinetic Typography

  VIDEO DETAILS: Client: Kinetic Typography Style: Typography Length: 2 minutes Language: English


  VIDEO DETAILS: Client: Attention Style: Typography Length: 40 seconds Language: English

Brain Regan

  VIDEO DETAILS: Client: Brain Regan Style: Typography Length: 1 minute Language: English