Partnering with the right explainer video agency in London can help boost sales and increase scalability for businesses. A viable video marketing strategy enables companies to reach their audience through their preferred medium, improving the chances of consumer interaction. According to 2021 statistics, online videos had an audience reach of 92% among internet users worldwide. Out of this, tutorials and how-to videos made up 31.6%.

A bespoke animated video will likely receive better customer response since the message is customized and audience-appropriate. Explainer mojo is among the leading explainer video companies in London that can help businesses leverage video personalization for exceptional results.

What Explainer mojo can do for your business

Explainer mojo follows a simple rule: attract, qualify and convert! Our explainer video agency in London creates bespoke animated explainer videos that empower businesses to stand out from their competition. Since one size doesn’t fit all, clients can choose between six explainer video types to find one that is best suited to their product or service.

With Explainer mojo, businesses can not only tailor their message to resonate better with their audience but also stay within the company’s marketing budget while doing so. We have helped over 120 clients across the globe and created more than 450 explainer videos with 100% accuracy.

What makes us better than other video production companies is:

  • Our powerful script
  • Professional voiceovers
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Fair prices
  • Captivating artwork
  • Regular updates about the client’s project
  • Prompt delivery
  • Customized videos
  • Multilingual videos


Explainer mojo, a prominent explainer video company in UK, can transform complex business ideas into highly engaging and relatable video content that anyone can understand. Bespoke explainer videos allow your voice to stand out in a congested digital space. Our videos help your audience to recognize your brand and realize that your product/ service is the ideal match for them.

4 Reasons Why Custom Explainer Videos Can Provide Better Results

With a top explainer video agency in London like Explainer mojo, you can show your brand’s unique personality through carefully designed characters, a positive script, and a professional voiceover. Custom videos help engage your audience and drive more conversions.

Here are four reasons a bespoke explainer video performs better than a regular one.

1.      Improves SEO

Businesses usually use explainer videos to educate consumers and increase brand awareness. However, another benefit that is mostly overlooked is improved SEO. Google loves personalized animated videos and helps businesses rank higher on its search engine. Google’s algorithm considers the duration of time visitors stay on your website. For this reason, having an explainer video on your page that is interesting and relatable for audiences increases the chances of viewers staying longer.

Moreover, viewers enjoy watching short, captivating videos. Since explainer videos are generally shorter, viewers are more likely to watch them completely. When audiences favor a video, it automatically appears higher on search engines.

2.      Boosts Brand Recognition

When a business creates bespoke videos through a top explainer video company in London like Explainer mojo, it directly impacts its brand recognition. We add unique designs and recognizable characters that consumers ultimately associate with your brand. Once the characters of an animated video become synonymous with your company’s name, they remain in the audience’s minds.

Over time, these minor details emphasize your brand’s presence and availability. Viewers start to view your company as a reputed and worthy brand– one they can trust.

3.      Helps consumers understand your product

At Explainer mojo, we ensure that your product or service is explained in a way that helps your consumers understand your offering. Generic animated videos can be ambiguous, making it challenging for your viewers to comprehend your product fully. Our custom animated videos are designed to tell your story in an interactive and captivating manner. We establish relatable links to real-life instances highlighting how your product or service addresses consumers’ pain points.

As an explainer video production company in the UK, we focus on winning your audience’s trust and encouraging them to take action. Viewers who understand your products and services are more likely to convert into customers.

4.      Builds Consumer’s Trust

With a personalized explainer video, a business can build consumers’ trust in its brand. When you approach your consumer’s problems through an explainer video and offer them a viable solution, you display a thorough understanding of what your customer is looking for. Viewers are more likely to trust a brand that “gets them.”

If a business wants to build consumers’ trust through marketing, it has to prove its competence. What better way to manifest it than through the quality of its videos? A custom explainer video created by a top explainer video agency in London can work wonders to demonstrate professionalism and quality. Our explainer videos can deliver your message concisely and impress your audience immediately.

What Makes Animated Explainer Videos So Effective

Lately, we see many businesses using animated explainer videos to describe their products and services. The fact that it’s an effective marketing tool is widely accepted but have you wondered why explainer videos are so popular among consumers? Explainer videos combine audio with visual stimulus to present a concept. When we use all elements: audio, text, and video animation, it eventually increases message retention.

According to the dual-coding theory, stimulation of auditory senses alone results in 10% message retention, whereas stimulation of both auditory and visual senses increases the number to 68%. This is why animated explainer videos are so effective in boosting brand recognition.

Why Explainer mojo is an Ideal Explainer Video Agency in London

If you want to engage your customers and drive conversions, partnering with Explainer mojo will help you optimize your video marketing strategy. You can trust our highly professional team of scriptwriters, storyboard artists, graphic designers, animators, voice artists, and project managers to create an exceptional explainer video that will turn your landing page into a sales machine!