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Cybercrime is a growing threat to all businesses. Despite ongoing investment in security solutions, businesses continue to see a rise in security incidents. Industry research has clearly identified 4 key challenges that negatively impact an organization’s security posture:

  1. Inconsistent application of basic security controls
  2. Lack of meaningful & actionable information to support decision making processes
  3. Failure of IT & business teams to take ownership for security
  4. Reliance on manual processes to manage security…….

Businesses need to take action since the consequences of security breaches are significant (Loss of Revenue, Loss of Intellectual Property, Regulatory Fines, Impact to Company Valuation).

Caveris’s SaaS solution enables organizations to enforce a consistently stronger information security posture through

  • (Continuous enforcement): orchestrate and automate the enforcement of security policy across the enterprise down to the individual control level. Automation freeing up skilled resources from manual activities and reducing errors through consistent execution.


  • (Coverage & effectiveness): pre-defined with more than 200 control workflows that can be used immediately, delivering value within hours of deployment.


  • (Collaboration & accountability): workflow  and  orchestration across the enterprise so that the right actions are taken at the right time by the right people.


  • (Actionable insights): quantifiable measurement of an organisations security posture down to individual control level so that areas of improvement can be immediately identified along with the appropriate remedial actions.


  • (Continuous Audit Readiness): continuous evidential proof of security control execution and policy compliance required by auditors and accreditors.

Enable your organization to enforce a consistently stronger information security posture by partnering with Caveris.

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