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We have successfully generated big results for brands across various industries for years. We’ve provided the best-in-class animated explainer video services to brands like BVG and Medyca.

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Our Expertise

Break through the digital noise with an explainer video that brings emotion into every motion, creating brand stories that resonate with your audience and connect with your brand’s narrative. Simplify your business ideas and products through different explainer videos that make an impact.

2D Animation

Leverage the power of 2D animation to inspire, engage, and convert your customers and elevate your brand.

Whiteboard Animation

Simplify complex ideas into stunning whiteboard animation videos that attract, engage, and explain.

Isometric Animation

Send an impactful message to your audience with an isometric video that immediately grabs attention.

Motion Graphics

Level up your marketing efforts with a next-gen motion graphics video to deepen engagement with your audience.

Our Portfolio

Explainer Mojo has helped some of the world’s top brands with conceptual expertise.

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Our Creative Process

We take care of every single detail, from script to screen, with helpful checkpoints along the way.


We ask you to tell us your goals, target audience, and key messages to be conveyed through explainer videos.


Write a compelling, concise, and engaging narrative for the explainer video that makes the story even more exciting and captivating.


Create visuals, graphics, and animations according to the storyboard, style, and frames to create resonating characters.


Our experts illustrate scenes, sequences, and transitions to sketch key visuals and create a story that can be powerfully told.


Finalize the video and ensure it meets the brand’s expectations and helps them stand out in the crowded marketplace.


Record narrations in a suitable tone and pace that matches the script to deliver your message and inspire your audience to take action.

The Benefits of Using An Explainer Video

Brand Awareness

Create an impactful brand story that strengthens brand identity and makes it more recognizable to the audience.

Increased Engagement

Elevate your brand, captivate your viewers, hold their attention, and make complex concepts easy to understand.

Drive Conversions

Delivers value propositions, deepens connection, encourages to take action, and ultimately drives conversions.

Exceptional Experience

Maximize the reach and impact across omnichannel to build momentum, touch hearts, and keep the customers hooked.

A Continuous Efforts To Achieve Your Goals


Explainer Mojo is not only good at producing slick animations but also understands marketing trends and customer’s mindset, fully deploying strategies with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have a huge list of trusted clients who have always chosen to work with us. The list includes some of world market’s biggest names and they’ve trusted us every time because we value and loyalty and honesty to our clients above everything.

We put a collaborative effort from around the world from different trained professionals who are masters in their fields. These people include animators, background voice-overs, composers, directors and sound designers. While we also have people working in-house with us, we form a team that focuses entirely on your project and brings out the best suitable video for you.

We’ve been making videos for all types of brands and industries. This means that we are trained for working on explainer videos, 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, Demo video and Video commercials aswell. Visit our portfolio page to explore our styles and categories.
You’ve paid for it, and you own it. It is up to you whether you want to publish the video or sell it for a profit. The complete details of the video ownership and its rights are published in our Video Services Agreement.

An engaging explainer video is usually somewhere between 60-120 seconds long, a time long enough to send out a proper message and be relatively less time consuming to avoid being too annoying. This may mean that we have to cut out some of your favourite parts but only more important parts will be considered over those. Sometime, longer videos also works depending on the content and its goal.

The production time behind a video usually makes up for 4 weeks which is totally dependent on the length, type and complexity of the video. This does not include the time we give you for your feedback, which, on average, is usually 2 weeks, and is dependent on the number of requests and edits you ask us to make in the video. If you have a project with urgent deadline, we can do special arrangements for you.

The final costing of the video ultimately always depends on the content, style, theme and complexity of the video. A generalised amount for a standard 1 minute explainer video usually lies somewhere between £800-£1500, however this may vary according to the video length and deadline too. You are always welcome to contact us and request an accurate quote for your project.

The video we make will be a team collaboration that will include your input as well. After each part of the video is made, you will be asked to make revisions and edits. After everything is revised, we will put together the final masterpiece.


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