Here’s how we started, and what we decided to contribute to the world!



We are Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory in the world of creating explainer videos- our company is the place of birth of creativity and uniqueness -all brought together to have your story told in a captivating, fun and memorable way! Meet Our Team Oompa-Loompas!


OUR MISSION Create revolution out of your brand and idea. If that fails then we strike! (Make that IF disappear as we are not failing!)


What do we want? We want everyone to love your idea! When do we want it? We want it now!


We are gorgeous, handsome, smart, and yes, we are talented and creative! We bring our forces together to bring your idea to life and make people hear it. We almost force them (but in a non-intrusive, friendly way). We are that good. Help yourself and have some of our mojo!


Our scriptwriter is the one responsible for the concept of the story around your idea. He is a hell of a guy and does his job amazingly well in order to help your story come to life – but this is only as long as he has his mug of coffee and complete silence!


After are script writer craving for silence is finished with coming up with your script, our storyboard artist does his wonder and sketches your idea out in accordance with the script.These two geniuses are responsible for creating a skeleton for your video. He likes sweets while he is working so each year we give him a new bigger chair for his birthday. His potential grows as well!


Now here is the secret brain behind everything! Our graphic designer has an immense ego (artists!), but her talent is equally great. She makes sure that your video is worth your idea and your brand. She gives your video a style that makes everyone go: “Wow!” !


Well, this guy can try manipulating you when you catch him taking someone else’s lunch (We all know that was Tom’s sandwich and not his!), but he is great at manipulating illustrations and sound into bringing a unique and flawless piece of art that will help you have your story brought to the world!


Ah! The prim donnas of our office: no wonder those two are so sassy -they have lovely voices to help you get your story told in an attractive and appealing way. We love our actors!


Our project manager, or puppet master as we call him when he is not around, is the one making sure all of us at ExplainerMojo are giving our best while merging our creativity, knowledge and skills into creating a video that will bring your idea to life. He is very likeable so we don’t even notice when he is bossing around (but he is!). Kudos to him and our entire team!

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