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Whiteboard video marketing is ever-changing, from a long multi-minute video to a short six-second ad.

People love watching whiteboard videos, and the number of viewers is increasing. Because of this, marketers are using different types of videos more than ever to promote their products.

The video advertising market is projected to reach US$191.3 billion in 2024.

Even more interesting, the number of digital video viewers in the US alone is about to reach 248.9 million.

So, if you are looking for a creative and engaging way to communicate your brand image and message with your audience, whiteboard animation videos are the best choice.

Whiteboard animation videos are visually appealing and make complex ideas easy to explain in a fun way.

In this post, we will explore the 10 best whiteboard animation examples to give you plenty of ideas to work with and make your brand stand out among others.

10 Most Popular Whiteboard Animation Examples

Whiteboard animation is best for making ideas seem more significant and highlighting little details.

Using a whiteboard video portfolio, you can offer your customers a creative solution to their problems. You can show the process of solving the issue and visually guide them through each step.

Let’s explore the most popular whiteboard video examples from which you can take inspiration.

1. IBM – AI for Security

For IT-related companies like IBM, explainer videos are essential for making complex topics understandable.

Their “AI for Security” video is a prime example, demonstrating how to bridge the gap between technical details and audience comprehension.

The video begins by addressing the challenges and immediately engaging viewers with its relevance.

The illustrations and bold, colorful text enhance the visual appeal, making the content informative and eye-catching.

The video’s message is clear: it provides relevant, valuable, and shareable content that resonates with the audience, reflecting modern consumers’ evolving preferences.

The narration speaks directly to the audience, providing information on advanced threat detection and real-time monitoring with AI and how IBM can help identify unusual patterns and behavior for organizations.

The video positions IBM as a forward-thinking company that focuses on addressing the challenges ahead of time and delights its customers.

It highlights IBM’s awareness of industry changes and its proactive approach to innovation.

The meaningful animations and icons bring the value proposition to life, enabling IBM to communicate the message with even non-technical audiences.

Source: IBM

2. Red Bull – Genie Ad

Red Bull explores the limits of human performance, combining whiteboard and digital animation to bring concepts to life with excitement and energy.

This blend of animation styles makes complex ideas accessible and captivating, enhancing viewer understanding and engagement.

The videos depict imaginative human activities, aligning perfectly with Red Bull’s brand identity as a promoter of extreme adventure.

The combination of whiteboard and digital animation adds movement and depth to the visuals, creating a dynamic presentation style that enhances the sense of excitement and energy, keeping viewers engaged.

Informative content paired with visually appealing animation techniques ensures that the audience remains interested throughout the series, encouraging them to explore Red Bull’s content more.

Narration and storytelling are the key features of the video series, taking viewers on an entertaining journey and representing Red Bull’s tagline, ‘Red Bull gives you wings.

With the help of an expert whiteboard production company, Red Bull has become even more popular with these short animated commercials.

Source: YouTube

3. – Educational Content uses whiteboard animation to promote its online education platform. The video features illustrations and text to explain the concept of marketing.

The animation is clear, making it easy for viewers to understand’s convenience without adding unnecessary details.

The video starts with a bold, colorful title and an engaging narrative, immediately catching the viewer’s attention and presenting as an appealing alternative to traditional higher education.

Throughout the video, the animation highlights as a convenient and affordable option, key to capturing viewer interest. The simple and minimalist animation style keeps the focus on the main benefits and features of

What makes this video special is its effective visual storytelling. It helps position itself as the best platform that makes education easier and more accessible, creating a solid and appealing narrative.


4. Cisco – Partner Journey Overview

This whiteboard animation video for Cisco Partner Journeys Overview utilizes various elements to convey its message.

Using illustrations in the video helps visually represent concepts and processes in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner.

These illustrations likely depict scenarios relevant to Cisco partners, such as navigating different locations within Cisco’s ecosystem or engaging with customers.

The narration guides the viewer through the content, clearly explaining the purpose and value of Cisco Partner Journeys.

It emphasizes the importance of knowing where to start and what steps to take next to achieve success with Cisco.

Icons represent various concepts and actions throughout the video and symbolize tools, resources, processes, or outcomes associated with Cisco.

The video highlights Cisco’s commitment to supporting its partners and helping them succeed in their businesses.

The video emphasizes how Cisco Partner Journeys can make a difference for partners by simplifying processes, accelerating growth, and capturing new opportunities.

5. Oxfam GB – Raising Her Voice Campaign

Oxfam GB created a compelling whiteboard animation video as part of the empowering campaign for women and girls in developing countries.

This video aimed to amplify their voices and champion their rights. The video brings their stories to life through hand-drawn animation. This personal touch allows viewers to connect emotionally with their resilience and determination.

Complex issues are simplified using simple yet powerful hand-drawn illustrations, making them accessible. Seamless transitions ensure an engaging viewing experience, keeping the focus on impactful narratives.

The detailed storytelling in just 90 seconds makes the message delivered uniquely while fulfilling the purpose of raising awareness and driving action for a cause that truly matters.

Source: Oxfam GB

6. Solarcentury – Hybrid Technology Explanation

Solarcentury’s whiteboard animation uses just two colors, and Solarcentury’s video includes a diverse range of colors throughout.

This use of color enhances the video’s visual appeal and adds depth to the storytelling.

Each color likely serves a specific purpose, such as highlighting important points, distinguishing between elements, or evoking certain thoughts.

Despite the colorful palette, the animations maintain clarity and coherence, ensuring viewers can easily understand the content without being overwhelmed. This balance between visual richness and simplicity is key to the video’s effectiveness.

The video clearly communicates the brand position on Solarcentury and how they strategically plan and implement hybrid technology for their customer while maintaining transparency.

Source: Solarcentury

7. Virginia Department of Health – Covid 19

The video begins with an introduction, narrated by a voiceover, explaining the purpose of the app and its significance in the fight against COVID-19.

It highlights the app’s unique features, such as its Bluetooth Low Energy technology use and its respect for user privacy.

Using simple hand-drawn illustrations and animations, it demonstrates how COVIDWISE utilizes Bluetooth technology to detect close contact with individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19.

To convey the message clearly, the video uses bold text and color, red and back, with the Virginia state map in the background, keeping it simple and clean.

The focus is maintained throughout the video on the core purpose of maintaining the viewer’s attention.

Source: Virginia Department of Health

8. UNICEF – Children Data Protection

UNICEF presents a compelling narrative through its UNICEF Data Manifesto whiteboard animation video.

This video provides insights into various data representations, such as dynamic graphs, charts, and enlightening maps, to elucidate progress toward diverse development objectives.

With illustrated characters and real-time whiteboard creation, the video captivates viewers, drawing them into the narrative.

Smooth transitions between concepts ensure a great viewing experience, making complex topics more approachable.

The characters’ movements create a relatable connection, humanizing the data and enhancing accessibility.

The video simplifies understanding of progress toward global development goals, which is the core object of UNICEF as an organization.

This whiteboard video animation serves as a visual journey that inspires action and informs the viewers about the transformative power of data.

Source: UNICEF

9. WWF – New Hope on Climate Change

New Hope on Climate Change is a whiteboard animation video produced by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to address the pressing issue of climate change.

The video effectively utilizes illustrations and animation to convey a message of hope amidst the challenges posed by climate change.

Through engaging visuals and a compelling script, the video communicates the idea that despite the severity of climate change, there is still hope for a better future.

It emphasizes the importance of individual actions in mitigating the effects of climate change and underscores the role of collective efforts in achieving positive environmental outcomes.

Also, the video highlights the USP of WWF and how they are working towards their goals by highlighting the importance of government collaboration.

This video delivers an uplifting message with a compelling script and the right music, making it an impactful tool for raising awareness and driving positive change.

Source: WWF

10.  Air Concierge – Property Management for Short Term Vacation Rental Homeowners

This whiteboard video utilizes clear illustrations and engaging animations to simplify how Air Concierge helps property owners manage and maximize their rental properties.

By breaking down services like property management, booking management, and guest support into easy-to-understand visuals, the animation makes the information accessible and straightforward.

The concise language combined with the visual aids ensures that viewers can quickly grasp the value and benefits of using Air Concierge, demonstrating how whiteboard animation can turn complex topics into easily digestible content.

This approach keeps the audience engaged and informed, highlighting the effectiveness of animation in communication.

How Does Video Set You Apart?

Creating a whiteboard video sets a brand apart by delivering complex information in a simple, engaging, and visually appealing way. The unique combination of hand-drawn illustrations and clear narration captures attention and enhances message retention.

This format helps brands develop a personal connection with the audience, making the content more relatable and memorable.

Moreover, whiteboard animations simplify and explain intricate concepts, making the brand’s message accessible to a broader audience.

It is a creative medium that helps a brand distinguish itself as innovative, approachable, and effective in communicating its value proposition.


All these videos use simple drawings and clear words to explain ideas, making them perfect for teaching, marketing, or storytelling.

Video marketing is the future for brands, and knowing how to do it right is crucial. You can also contact a professional whiteboard animation company to create one for your brand.

These examples prove that whiteboard animation is effective for various needs, from explaining how something works to promoting a product or service.

Here are 5 key takeaways drawn from these inspirational whiteboard animation videos:

  1. Ensure your script is well-planned and easy to understand.
  2. Balance text and graphics to create a smooth visual flow.
  3. Incorporate your brand colors for maximum impact.
  4. Simplify information to keep your audience engaged.
  5. Highlight your Unique Selling Point throughout the video.

These tips can help ensure your high-quality whiteboard animation video delivers a positive ROI.

However, be mindful of pricing—while costs vary, investing in a skilled animator or studio can make a significant difference.

Ali Hasan
Ali Hasan

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