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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Our company’s refund policy has been set out according to a basic set of guidelines that are to be met, in such a case where our customer demands a refund. However, it should be noted clearly and in advance, that any fault on the part of our customer or client will automatically result in the non-acceptance of your money refund demand. We believe in the work that we deliver based on our customer’s needs, and so we do not refund your payment once it is sent to us. You have to send us all the related work according to your instructions and requirements, error free and complete. Once it is sent, we do not refund your payment. It is to be understood that the processing of your order is not free and has costs. Hence, the payment refund policy is to be only activated by you if we fail to reach the promised results of our work. In any case of mishaps or misunderstandings on part of our clients, we can not be held responsible for anything. You may activate the refund policy in only such cases:

  • The work we promised and the work we delivered do not meet the standards.
  • The work we were supposed to deliver on a scheduled time was either sent late, or not sent at all.
  • The work does not meet your set of requirements such as the video sequences, background animations, colour themes or sound clips.
  • You payment has been processed and received by our company but you’ve failed to get a call or an email from our customer service officers.
    In only said cases, can the customer trigger the refund policy clause, which means the company cannot be given any responsibility on any setbacks on the customer’s part.

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