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Style: Cartoon Explainer Video

Length: 1 Minute 25 seconds

Language: English

Client: Health Gates


In the last 30 years, medical science developments have lead to breakthrough cancer therapies that save lives. While the quality and effectiveness of these treatments have evolved, the process of getting important medicine to those who need it has remained sluggish and inefficient. The current process of targeted therapy prescription and insurance pre-authorization is an antiquated and expensive process. A typical doctor’s office can waste over $70,000 a year manually searching through medical guidelines, faxing documentation, and bouncing from one agency to another. This can result in long wait times, as well as incorrect and ineffective treatments that cost large amounts of money.

Healthgates is a powerful blockchain-based platform that enables targeted treatments to get to the people that need them the most, faster and easier than ever before. Using a series of informational questions or “gates”, and ERC20 smart contracts, doctors are led along a detailed path to find the precise treatment needed for each of their specific patients. Using the HGT token, specialists are able to get authorization to prescribe within minutes, allowing patients to begin treatment the same day that they come in to the doctor’s office.

With HealthGates, the wasted time and cost of manual processing and incorrect prescriptions are eliminated in their entirety.

Open the door to successful and cost-effective treatments, with Healthgates.

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