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Are you looking for the perfect explainer video company for your business?

But you’re not quite sure where to start.

With lots of options available, you need to identify the best explainer video company that can create a customized video that aligns with your brand’s message, deliver a value proposition, communicate business values, and promote your brand, product, or service to your target audience.

We’ll walk you through the criteria for getting an explainer video for your business:

  1. Portfolio and Previous Work
  2. Production Style and Quality
  3. Feedback and Customer Reviews
  4. Pricing
  5. Expertise and Experience
  6. Turnaround Time Period
  7. Communication and Responsiveness
  8. Customization
  9. Licensing and Copyright
  10. Revisions

Let’s look into each.

1. Portfolio and Previous Work

Start by doing your homework.

Ideally, you want to choose a company with previous experience and expertise.

With more and more players entering the explainer video industry, you need to shortlist based on an explainer video portfolio. Whether looking for an animation or live-action explainer video to cater to your target audience, meticulously look for companies with a good sense of what fits your business.

Therefore, to evaluate and make it easier, consider these factors:

  • Diversity of industries or clients
  • Range of video styles and formats
  • Production quality and aesthetics
  • Engagement and storytelling effectiveness
  • Demonstration of creativity and innovation
  • Portfolio size and depth
  • Rating and reviews available online

Now think about which explainer company provides an extensive portfolio and delivers what you need.

2. Production Style and Quality

Explainer videos must be high quality in production, style, and content.

These videos are proven to increase target audience understanding, raise brand awareness, improve conversion rates, and reduce support queries. You must choose a style and quality that matches your requirements and suits your brand, product, or service.

Here are some styles that you can look for when selecting an explainer video company:

  • 2D Animation

Classic and versatile, this style can be customized for different industries and brand identities. Also, it gives a sense of nostalgia, interactively approaching your target audience.

  • 3D Animation

With depth and realism, this style is excellent for conveying complex concepts and delivering a cutting-edge impression for tech-savvy and innovative brands. It is best for providing stimulation and real-world experience through videos.

  • Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation means simplicity and clarity: this style is best for conveying information that requires a clear and linear narrative. It is chosen mainly by educational institutions and businesses that must deliver step-by-step explanations.

  • Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are visually engaging and dynamic, this style suits various industries and messages. It delivers modern, professional, and visually appealing content.

  • Stop Motion

Distinctive and artisanal, this style creates animation frame-by-frame. It is effective in showcasing tangible products as it involves physically manipulating objects.

  • Screencast

On-screen actions and practical; this style is best for software demos and tutorials. It gives information in a way that guides through the process with clarity.

  • Kinetic Typography

This style is visually stimulating and creative and employs animated text to convey messages and emphasize delivering exceptional experiences.

  • Live-Action

Featuring real people, settings, and objects, this style is excellent for storytelling and showcasing real-world experiences for companies looking to establish a personal and relatable connection.

3. Feedback and Customer Reviews

You can find feedback and customer reviews online to simplify the selection process.

It will provide valuable insights into the explainer video company’s performance, reliability, quality of work, reviews, and ratings. You can find crucial touchpoints that can help you better understand the work process of video explainer companies.

Here are some common websites that provide authentic feedback and reviews:

A well-informed decision can help you choose the right explainer video company that serves your needs. Positive feedback and reviews will help you pick the correct option; negative ones will help you avoid potential pitfalls.

4. Pricing

You must step back if you haven’t set a budget for your marketing-related activities. First, identify your budget and outline the costs you can spend on making a video explainer for your product or service.

Whether you’re a small, medium, or large enterprise, you must operate within budget. It will help you narrow down explainer video companies according to your pricing strategy and budget.

Consider these steps when evaluating the pricing options:

  • Identify your budget
  • List requirements
  • Request quotes
  • Compare pricing
  • Examine features
  • Read reviews
  • Inquire about customization

Considering the steps mentioned above, you can balance quality and affordability, ensuring you get a return on investment regardless of your business size.

5. Expertise and Experience

Would you hire an IT expert to run a marketing department?

Another important factor when choosing an explainer video company is the level of expertise and experience. Skilled professionals bring creativity and enhance the overall quality of work.

It is essential to know what they can bring to the business. The first place to start is to assess their strengths and weaknesses.

Here are some critical areas of expertise and experience you must consider:

  • Scriptwriters distill complex ideas into concise, engaging scripts and craft a compelling narrative.
  • Animators who are proficient in the art of visual storytelling and bring concepts to life.
  • Voiceover Artists who can deliver narration that resonates with your brand and infuse the right tone, emotion, and clarity.
  • Video editors who create exceptional videos with attention to detail and can pick out attention-grabbing shots.
  • Marketing specialists with experience in different industries and sound knowledge of videos that work best for a particular sector.

Find companies that complement your business, not contrast with them.

6. Turnaround Time Period

The turnaround time period for explainer video depends on complexity and length. The turnaround time should come before your publishing date. Ensure the quality doesn’t suffer and represents your brand’s value proposition.

Follow these steps to consider turnaround time:

  • Discuss expectations
  • Check their portfolio
  • Ask for references
  • Plan ahead

Turnaround time can impact your project’s success, costs, and effectiveness. Therefore, you must consider these elements before decision-making.

7. Communication and Responsiveness

When choosing an explainer video company, ensure they focus on effective communication and have a rapport in the industry. Most importantly, they must communicate hassle-free with a dedicated account manager to maintain positive responsiveness.

Check if they follow these best practices:

  • Make sure there is no language barrier
  • Ensure 24/7 availability of client handling department
  • They are consistent, reliable, and timely
  • Eliminate any friction instantly
  • Meet customers at their level
  • Use different communication channels
  • Discuss the project process at each step

Effective communication results in reduced errors, faster decision-making, enhanced relationships, minimized confusion, boosted productivity, and a seamless flow of information.

8. Customization

Explainer videos should be simple. But keeping things simple isn’t easy!

Customized explainer videos grab viewers’ attention and drive conversions. Depending on your business, customized videos can help you build awareness, entertain, educate, or inspire the audience. It lets your customers see how your words and actions align and build much-needed credibility.

So why go to all the effort and expense that a customized video requires?

  • Helps your message stand out
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Improves conversion rates
  • Increase in email open rates
  • Higher-click through rates
  • Deepen customer relationships
  • Improve brand image

But how would you know that your chosen video explainer company will provide the correct customization for your brand? Ensure they provide these elements for customizing your videos:

  • Consider the audience first and mindfully create designs that integrate your brand into the video.
  • Be authentic using colors, fonts, textures, and animation styles that align with your brand persona.
  • Set the right tone that subconsciously grabs the attention of viewers.
  • Develop a positive feeling and emotional connection with your viewers holistically using visuals.

In the sea of marketing messages and content that look alike, a customized video can catch the attention and significantly impact their perception of the brand.

9. Licensing and Copyright

Licensing and copyright are also important factors when choosing an explainer video company. It helps you ensure they have the legal right to produce video content without facing copyright infringement claims, resulting in legal battles.

Moreover, it demonstrates professionalism and intellectual property laws, preserving your unique message. This safeguards your investment and ensures that your video can be utilized effectively without fear of legal repercussions. Always review contracts carefully and seek legal advice to protect your interests.

10. Revisions

With varying quality, we also seek companies that offer revisions.

It happens to all of us. There’s nothing quite like looking at a piece and thinking of ways to enhance a few aspects. As companies create videos, there is always room to improve.

Therefore, you must consider video explainer companies that provide free revisions, at least a few, before the final video is delivered.


In a nutshell, video explainer companies offer services for different sizes and specializations. Remember the key factors enlisted in this blog to choose an explainer video company. Always prioritize your specifications, style, and quality of the video to discuss the details and find solutions for your brand.

Lastly, you must consider that you are not just hiring an explainer video production firm but someone who will represent your brand all over the digital world.

Ali Hasan
Ali Hasan

Hasan Ali is the Founder and CEO of Explainer Mojo, he has over 8 years of experience in animation and video production alongside a postgraduate diploma in animation, enriching his deep understanding of human psychology. His expertise not only lies in technical proficiency but also in storytelling and artistry, fueled by his passion for exploring the complexities of human behavior and emotions.

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