Style: Cartoon Explainer Video

Length: 1 Minute 22 seconds

Language: English

Client: PuriPost


Forgot your mask?

Your local department store has Sanitary essentials out of stock?

Can’t find the health items you need on the go?

Puri – Post offers PPE, Sanitary , and health Items via contactless vending. PuriPost not only provides consumers with the most limited products but allows consumers to sign up for subscription “care packages” so they can get the items we offer in our state of the art machines delivered to their front door!

Heres how it works:

1. Consumers access our state of the art contactless vending with our app that allows them to upload funds to spend.
2. Consumer chooses the item that they wish to purchase via in app software
3. The item is vended and dropped into the pickup tray
4. The consumer then has the option to sign up for “care package” when they are targeted via email or SMS.

Puri – Post allows consumers to get those hard to get items such as; vitamins & health boosters, PPE equipment, sanitary essentials, and wellness gadgets delivered right to their front door! All from just accessing one a product in our machines!

The best thing is that PuriPost has access to over 30,000 licensed vendors and well over 10,000 licensed manufacturers so consumers never have to worry about scurrying for the essentials needed to stay healthy and clean!

You can find a Puri Post machine in places such as malls, large department stores, transit stations, airports, and more!

Here at Puri Post we, “Service With the Purest of Intentions!”

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