Rent A Hobby

Style: Cartoon Explainer Video

Length: 2 Minutes 16 Seconds

Language: English

Client: Rent A Hobby


Meet David, David is an avid snowboarder and skier, he loves to spend his free time on the mountain.

Over the years, David has collected plenty of snowboards, snow pants, shirts, and other snow sports equipment & accessories from his time on the mountain.

David now has equipment that isn’t going to good use and continues to pile up in his garage. But David doesn’t want to throw out all of the old gear that he knows is still useful.

Lucky for David he found Rent a Hobby, The world’s first outsourced rental platform for hobbies, equipment and outdoor gear, David can now seamlessly rent out his gear and make good money from it all from the comfort of his home.

Meanwhile, Mike, a recent college graduate, is preparing for a weekend trip to the mountains, Mike doesn’t own his own gear, he only goes snowboarding 1-2 times a year so it doesn’t make financial sense for him to buy all the necessary equipment just for one outing, Mike wished that there was a platform that showed him all the available gear in his area from rental shops to locals like David where he can easily compare products and pricing to help him find the best & complete package for his trip.

Mikes friend tells him to check out Rent a Hobby

And here he goes!

Mike booked some items via the Rent a hobby app and was able to pick them up the same day from David. Voila! A match made in heaven!

Whether you are trying to make some extra money renting out gear that is currently collecting dust in your garage, or whether you’re just looking for an easy way to rent all the gear you need for yourself without spending hours chasing deals on different sites. Rent a Hobby is the platform for you.

We look forward to building this community with you and paving roads to new adventures for the first-timer and the experienced enthusiast.

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