Simply Medbooking

Simply Medbooking


Style: Motion Graphics Video

Length: 1 Minute 04 seconds

Language: English

Client: Simply Medbooking


When Giovanni is feeling unwell, the last thing he wants is the hassle of searching for a doctor, calling to make an appointment, and driving to a clinic to sit for hours in a waiting room.

Luckily for Giovanni, he found Simply MedBooking – the quickest and most convenient way to find a doctor and book an appointment, right from your phone, tablet or laptop.

With Simply MedBooking, Giovanni can search over 80,000 medical providers worldwide and access a doctor in his local area within minutes.
He can then make a quick booking and even receive instant medical advice by chatting directly with his doctor.

Simply MedBooking supports patients, providers, employers and health insurance companies all at once – combining multiple services into one solution.

It not only saves time for Giovanni, but also reduces unwanted tasks for clinic admins, helps doctors in taking decisions and ensures they never lose an appointment.

So, join Giovanni now and register for your free account today!

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