5 Social Video Marketing Mistakes You Are Probably Doing.

According to Cisco, 80%of all web content shall be video based. Each year linear TV declines at a rate of 10%. This means that the entire TV advertising industry – $200 billion- will be in some time programmatic. Many companies now prefer Social Media marketing over other marketing channels, You should also include social media in your video marketing campaigns but make sure to avoid these mistakes in your social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing MistakesHere are some statistics:

  • * YouTube has 3 billion users and most of them access using mobile device.
  • * Facebook has a monthly audience of 1.7 billion people.
  • * 82% of all Twitter use the platform to watch video content using mobile devices.


Video marketing is at the fore front of this transition from TV to mobile devices. There are certain mistakes that you might be doing in your video marketing campaigns: If you are still not doing any video marketing for your business you should read more about the importance of video marketing


The core strength of social media marketing is that content can be focused on more precise audiences. The messages can be specific and target customer needs by studying past purchases, predicting future ones, location and other factors. More generic messages and advertising campaigns will have a much less effect than broader messages.




All social media platforms allow customers to bid in their own unique way. To ensure a solid ROI you need to understand the value of interaction with each customer. Animated explainer videos can help bridge the communication gap of customer and vendor. There are certain marketers who make generic ads each year and which become 10% less effective as each year passes. This is corporate suicide.




Mad Men days are long gone now. You can’t charge a million dollars for making an ad that will take six months to produce and for a mass audience. Consumers want ads that are specifically targeted at them. Explainer video companies need to focus on audiences and make shorter videos of high quality.




Most Facebook users, around 99% of them will silently watch a video before scrolling down. Only 1% of the users click on a video related to an advertisement. So for animated explainer videos to be truly effective, they have to be able to get their point across in those first few seconds.




A good explainer video understands the fat that not all videos will have a positive impact and result in good business. To counter this problem you need to have a good content creating team constantly producing quality content and a solid analytics staff that can segment audiences again and again.

To have a satisfactory campaign it is imperative to avoid these mistakes and the best way to do it is via explainer video in your marketing campaign. If you are not sure how to take use explainer video for your business, Here are five ways your business can use an explainer video.

It simply Boost your reach, Engage Audience and Increase Lead Conversion.

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