Art of Building and Converting Your Potential Social Media Audience
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Art of Building and Converting Your Potential Social Media Audience with Animated Video

Are you ready to take over leading social media platforms with your great brand or service, looking for a way to advertise it in the best way you can to grab the attention of your potential audience?

Creating animated videos seems to be an effective approach to engage your social media audience, making it easier and a faster mode of conversions. Excited?? But don’t know where to start what to do?

Don’t you worry! We bring you a complete guide explaining the outgrowing importance of animated video for your social media marketing strategy. Let’s dive in straight.


Why use animated videos?

Animated video makes it easy for you to deliver an excellent understanding of the brand, using visual images that entertain and educate your audience. You can freely play with colors that represent your brand identity, making it strong.


You can customize pre-made templates by experienced editors; this will not only save your time but help you create quality content. The making process is completely digital, saving money to buy a camera or have shoot days. You can even hire a cartoon explainer video maker or app explainer video maker for better quality.


Animated videos are stored in any file size without worrying about damaged pixels or any errors. Your social media page will look more lively and entertaining to the viewers. So who won’t love to use animated videos?


Oreo uses animated videos on their social media platforms most often, and it helps them increase engagement as well as promote a product


Why will animated videos work well rather than other visual formats?

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Social media is a vast platform, is occupied by different content styles, and 81% are interested in visual content.  On social media, you are free to upload any size of video content, unlike other platforms, be it a horizontal or a vertical video.


93% of brands have attained new customers using social media Videos. Whereas 84% of consumers have been inspired to purchase by viewing video ads, it also provides them with better information about the product.


Keeping the above state in mind, we have figured out what type of videos can fulfill your social media marketing (SSM) objectives. Animated videos turn out to be the best for any kind of Social Media Marketing goals you may have.



Some of the important SSM objectives you can have are:

  • Content that drives more traffic onto your brand page or website
  • Build an environment devoting trust and reliance
  • Motivate and engage a large audience
  • Attain potential conversions and generate sale


After a survey, 80% of the marketers acknowledged “we would have made more video content if we had the time and money.” But long are the days gone? You can now easily make animated content with just some tools; to learn more about video animating tools and use animated videos in social media strategy? Read on.

How to use animated videos in social media strategy?


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You can optimize animated videos for any idea you will love to share with your audience. Animations can make it possible for your business to talk at high heights and reach millions of people.


Here are some top Ideas for Animated video creation:

  • Social media updates

You can create small or big videos to update about a project or maybe any new product release; people love such video ads and ago on buying your products.

  • Testimonials

You can create an animated testimonial using different graphics to connect and trust you more.

  • Animate your brand story

What better can you do than create an animated video that educates you about your brand’s purpose? We are sure it’s going to add quality and help people live a better life. Go ahead and let the world know too

  • Animated presentations

It’s a great idea if you have a series of information to share, compile them in the form of a presentation. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn Presentations engage a large amount of audience.

Here are four tools that will help you create better-animated videos:



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Video is the first tool in this list and one of the best-animated video editors you can use easily and fell in love with the interface. Why will it happen? Their video creator is the easiest to learn and use; you can start within no time by using free templates or drag and drop elements you can use to bring in your clips.


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It’s the most hassle-free editor to create animations that we recommend you to try. You can design your animated clips even if you have no experience. It will help you create original videos and stand out as a brand.


Animoto is the best, user-friendly video creator; it’s the one choice for your business. Anyone can learn and create videos on this platform. You can easily use it to compile animations as the interface functions on drag and drop.


If you work on Animoto, you will have to get animations from free sources or easily get one from the cartoon explainer video makers.


You can easily record voiceovers with better sound storing capability on Animoto. It also gives you complete control of text you want to place or stickers you wish to add for a great video. Overall, we love this video creator and suggest you have a hand on it and start making your animated video content.



Biteable is an online animation video creator; you can create your favorite animated video on the web and upload it straight away.



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It is easy to learn for beginners, and to get started; you can use free templates or pick any of the animated scenes from their source library. Not only this, you can make the videos unique using your color, text, photos, and sounds. Now that’s a lot in one editor. Biteable also provides you music clips that you can add to your videos.


With the help of Biteable, you can create other amazing types of videos and infect much more, such as presentations, infographics videos, animated logos, and ads for your business.


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RendrFX is optimized for creating videos for websites, social media brands, and other significant marketing purposes. What makes it better? You can start it for free now.


RendrFX takes video creation to a whole new level; all you are supposed to do is add your content (images, animations, audio, color, text, graphics) and use the custom motion design templates. You get to play with 350 well devolved professional templates. The editor provides you access to a whole lot of video samples of over half a million stock files.



You can make the following content using RendrFX:

  • Logo intros
  • Engaging video ads
  • Social media animated videos
  • Promotional clips
  • It’s a great explainer video maker



Without a doubt, video ads are already the most popular form of online content. Won’t be amazed to share, 74% of the marketers have realized videos bring a greater return on investment than any other kind of content.


According to the research, we have found out animated videos to be a better option than other visual formats. It eases your work and inspires a great deal of engagement.


In the next few years, we believe animated marketing will take over the industry as the only heard source.


Give it a shot now; your brand deserves to shine bright. Share your video marketing experience with us; what type of tools you use to create animated videos? What content do you share on your social media platforms? Please Comment below.



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