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Animated explainer videos have taken the internet by storm. You probably must have seen several of them already and know they are an excellent way for businesses to engage their audience. As a business owner, staying ahead of trends and interacting with your customers on every platform is crucial. That’s why you need an explainer video company USA to deliver interactive content that helps forge a connection with your potential customers.

Explainer mojo is a leading explainer video agency that can help your business convey its story in a captivating, fun, and memorable way. With a team of highly talented and creative professionals, we can bring your ideas to life and transform your brand image into one your audience feels connected to. So, if you want to drive conversions through an effective video marketing strategy, Explainer mojo is the ideal agency for you.

6 Types of Animated Explainer Videos

There are various styles of explainer videos that can be incorporated into a business’s marketing strategy. However, some types are better suited to selected products and services, which is why they provide better results. This article will explore which explainer video style is right for your business.
Explainer mojo can help you create six types of explainer videos:

  • Animated explainer video
  • App explainer video
  • Cartoon explainer video
  • Isometric explainer video
  • Motion graphics video
  • Whiteboard animation

Animated explainer videos

An animated explainer video is the most common style of explainer videos. It consists of character animations or animated text combined with a voice-over or background music. It serves as an effective medium to explain a service, product, process, or concept in a simple manner.
Animated videos can be created in 2D or 3D as per the client’s need, but 2D videos are more cost-effective. 3D brings out the finer details of a video and looks more interactive, but it comes with a heavier price tag because of the hours required to complete the project.
Animated explainer video production is best suited for showing relatable interaction between a product/ service and its target audience. For example, it can be used to create how-to videos, explain complex medical processes, show how a service works, or illustrate a construction concept. Explainer mojo’s animated videos are highly versatile and can be used for several products and services.

App explainer video

The app store is brimming with apps that offer similar services, heightening the challenge of standing out from the rest. An app explainer video can help draw user’s attention and encourage them to download your app. This explainer video style is usually brief, around 60-90 seconds long, with the main focus on highlighting the app’s functionality, user interface, and competitive edge.
Appealing visuals are a critical factor in the number of app downloads. Therefore, at Explainer mojo, we ensure that your app is presented through an attractive animation video that evokes users’ interest and ultimately increases downloads.
As the name suggests, this video category is perfect for apps with high competition on the app store and that would benefit from a video explanation.

Cartoon explainer video

A cartoon explainer video is probably the most asked for, and the reason is that it stands out. If you hire a reputed explainer video company USA such as Explainer mojo, you can expect lovable characters, advanced animations, and relatable storytelling. The video’s characters allow businesses to engage audiences emotionally but still maintain a fun and casual approach.
Cartoon explainer videos work well for business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) companies that want to create a bond with their potential customers and make their brand more approachable.

Isometric explainer video

Our isometric explainer videos make each element of the video more visually appealing and easier for the user to understand.
Isometric explainer videos used for products or services that look better in 3D. For example, educational learning material, architectural plans, or any product or service that requires a 3D illusion.

Motion graphics video

Motion graphics is similar to animation but different in their production. Traditional animation consists of frame-by-frame drawings, while motion graphics are created digitally using still images that are animated through computer software. This explainer video style uses moving pictures instead of animated characters; therefore, it is better suited for businesses that want to look professional.
Motion graphics explainer videos usually add sound, music, and voice-over to convey simple information with power and energy. They can be used for explaining services and visualizing statistics and infographics, among other things.

Whiteboard animation


Whiteboard animation allows businesses to tell a creative story with pictures drawn onto a whiteboard by an artist. From basic stick figures to complicated constructs, this video style explains practical processes in an easily digestible way. Whiteboard animation works well for number-heavy presentations, sales letters, online courses, and for explaining services and marketing plans.

Pricing plays an important role in video style selection

While some video styles may work better for a product or service, the ultimate decision will depend on the client’s budget. Typography and whiteboard animation explainer videos are at the lower end of the pricing spectrum, which is why more businesses use them in their marketing plan. A cartoon explainer video, demos, and motion graphics are a good choice if your marketing budget is slightly higher. The explainer video that comes with the highest price tag is isometric because it combines 3D elements with 2D and requires a lot of production hours.

Video testimonials from our clients

We have created explainer videos for various businesses and every time our focus is on delivering content that’s unique, engaging, and according to the client’s requirements.
Have a look at what our clients have to say about our services.


Explainer mojo is one of the best explainer video company in the USA that can help your business convert leads into sales and increase your brand’s credibility. If you are still unsure about which explainer video style the right fit for your business, simply reach out to us, and we help you pick the perfect style according to your marketing budget.

Ali Hasan
Ali Hasan

Hasan Ali is the Founder and CEO of Explainer Mojo, he has over 8 years of experience in animation and video production alongside a postgraduate diploma in animation, enriching his deep understanding of human psychology. His expertise not only lies in technical proficiency but also in storytelling and artistry, fueled by his passion for exploring the complexities of human behavior and emotions.

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