5 Social Video Marketing Mistakes You Are Probably Doing.

5 Social Video Marketing Mistakes You Are Probably Doing. According to Cisco, 80%of all web content shall be video based. Each year linear TV declines at a rate of 10%. This means that the entire TV advertising industry – $200 billion- will be in some time programmatic. Many companies now prefer Social Media marketing over […]


  Explainer videos are an amazing trick to gather more customers for your business or product. Explainer video companies give you the best explanation of your product that you can show to your customer. These days, animated explainer videos are all the new IN thing for a business to have. These videos give your brand […]

How to promote your business ?

How to promote your business If you are running a business you would most definitely like to run a successful one, and one question in your mind will be how you can promote your business?. An integrated part of any business is its promotion. Through a promotion a given business expands its customers. You can […]

Why explainer video is better than other marketing channels?

Explainer Videos and Other Marketing Channels Explainer videos have shown proven effectiveness in growing a business. So if you own a business and you want some instant success than explainer video should be your thing. They are an excellent marketing tool that every business should use. Some surveys have shown that customers are more likely […]

Importance of video marketing

Importance OF Video Marketing You may ask yourself why you need video marketing. For every business, no matter if it is big or small, a video promotion done in the right way will do wonders for your company. The only thing you need to do is to find the right video production company which offers […]

Few tips for startups

explainer video company

Tips for Startups If you have a good idea and you are ready to begin building a new business, you will probably find yourself asking where to start. What are the first steps that will take you in the right direction? The first step towards success is to have a plan in place. If you […]